About Nadiswara

Nadiswara as the name itself says that this instrument will sound (Speak, or say) about your health by taking your nadi or pulse. Nadiswara uses hardware and artificial intelligence based, intuitive software that makes traditional Nadi Pariksha easy for the user.


Why Nadiswara

Currently Alternative medicine has a major role in human health which treats the body holistically, many people in the world are opting for Alternative medicine and finding cure, but there is no measurable parameters to detect health improvements in patient like modern medicine (blood test, x-ray).
Nadiswara will give a scientific quantitative and measurable approach for the ancient traditional treatment techniques by using the combination of Hardware and machine intelligent software. It helps greatly for Alternative medicine practitioners to diagnose the patient’s pulse and also helps in treating the patients through drugless therapies like single point Acupuncture, Acupressure, Sujok, Seed therapy etc. 

Who can be benefited from this device?
◆ To measure Vata, Pitta and Kapha for Ayurvedic doctors. Based on these variations he/she can refer medicines to balance the Vikruthi of the patient body. 
◆ Naturopathy and Yoga Practitioners can also be referred Nadiswara report to choose appropriate therapies for the patients.
◆ Nadiswara system suggests more accurate acupuncture and acupressure points to the traditional Chinese method points.
◆ Even psychiatric doctors and councilors who treat the patient for Emotional disorders can refer Nadiswara report for recognizing his/her thought patterns.
◆ Nadiswara report will be very useful who treat the patient holistically.


Body Wellness

"Nadiswara evaluates the body function through radial pulse analysis which is very helpful to guide the patient regarding their body basic functions like assimilation, rest, and elimination etc of the body."


Thought Patterns

"Nadiswara is a unique device which analysis the different pattern of the thoughts which flows in the mind. It helps practitioners to treat or council the patient emotions."


Acupressure & Acupuncture

"Nadiswara is an expert system which analyses five elements of the body and suggests single point Acupuncture solutions which has strong clinical proof on body meridians."


Auricular Therapy

"Nadiswara runs with very accurate algorithm to guide on Auricular therapy. It suggests Auricular points for alternate therapist to treat patient effectively."


Color Chromotherapy

"Nadiswara suggests Chromotherapy based on pulse of the patient which can be used by any specialist of the wellness center."

How it Works

Step 1

Download the app/software and enter the login credentials.

Step 2

Create new patient’s profile by entering his/her details

Step 3

Place the sensor on the patient’s wrist and record the Nadi.

Step 4

Printable report is generated within 20 seconds.

Nadiswara Sample Report

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