Research Methodology

The design and development of clinical diagnostic system which can measure the accurate physiological root cause of the human health is one of the typical problem facing by the modern medical instrument making. 
• Nadiswara is an outcome based on the 10 years research experience of the founder Dr.Basavaraj K. 
• Nadiswara combines both machine intelligence software and Low power Consumption Hardware to accurately diagnose a patient’s mind and body as well. 
• The machine intelligence software includes artificial intelligence (AI) technique to recognize the unknown pulse pattern by comparing with the known data base pulse signals using learning algorithms.
We follow the following artificial intelligence architecture flow in our Nadiswara research studies:


Through intelligent architecting of the system, the AI algorithms developed for Nadiswara are continuously learning from human intervention when practitioners either confirm or reject the findings of the algorithms. These are then automatically redirected back as feedback, to build even better Deep Learning models. Our Nadiswara system ensures that there is a constant supply of supervised pulse data that goes into building better models.


Nadiswara provides distance pulse reading by using Internet of Things (IoT) Technology. Distance pulse reading enables practitioner’s to generate 8-10 pages of Nadi report by establishing communication between low power hardware module and the remote server. The designed hardware includes Microphone as the sensor to acquire the pulse and embedded hardware module connected to a Mobile or Tablet running with android application.

Research Partners


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